Students who have a short-term disability/injury

This section provides guidance on supporting students who have a short-term disability, illness or have an injury which is impacting their ability to engage with their studies.  

This may include a student who has had an accident or has become serious unwell and have temporarily lost capacity e.g., they may have been detained under the Mental Health Act.  It covers immediate support routes and examination, assessment needs. 

Helping a student to access the right academic and pastoral support is important to help them to decide, either continue their studies or take some time out.   

Practical support for short term disability, injury 

If a student needs support because of a short-term difficulty, e.g. broken bones, you can work out with them what support they need to continue and access their studies, or they may need to take some time away from their studies.  It is important that they inform their School as soon as possible if their studies will be disrupted. 

Asking what support that they will need will help determine their next steps.  This may be discussing mitigating circumstances, practical support and/or adjustments for examinations and assessments. 

For practical support if a student needs financial support (e.g. if they can’t work due to their injury), they need help getting to campus and or any other issues that are impacting them - LUU Help and Support 

Examinations and Assessments 

If a student is needs adjustments to complete their assessments or examination for temporary health reasons, they need to notify their school and the Assessment and Progress Team (A&P).  The school and A&P team can then agree on what arrangements can take place to accommodate the adjustments, e.g. a separate room to undertake an exam.  Contact email for the A&P team -

If a student is absent from their assessment or examination or believe that their performance was unduly impacted by their temporary illness, a written explanation must be provided to their parent school/teaching school within 5 working days of the assessment.  Evidence may be required.