Supporting Trans Students

This section provides links to guidance and training opportunities. 

Whilst this heading has the words ‘Trans Students’ it has in mind everyone whose gender identity is not expressed in ways that are typically associated with their sex assigned at birth.  This includes those who have non-binary, non-gender, agender or gender fluid identities.   

It is up to the student to choose whether to disclose their gender identity, trans identify or history.  If they disclose their gender or trans identify to you, this information should be treated in confidence and not revealed without prior written agreement of the student.  If a student does disclose to you here are a few things that you can do. 

  • Treat the student with respect and reassure them that they and the university are committed to ensuring equity of support and opportunities throughout their time at Leeds. 
  • Realise that this may be a significant step for the student to take, so be respectful that you have been trusted with information that is very important to them.  Provide reassurance of confidentiality and processing for discolsure will not happen without their prior written consent.
  • You can ask them what pronouns they would like to be known by. 
  • Be led by them as to what support they may need, ask them what would be helpful.  If a referral to another support service is needed (for example Student Counselling and Wellbeing or LUU), ask their permission about what information they would like to be shared during that referral. 

The university aims to provide a supportive environment for trans students.  Further information and guidance is available.