Students with caring responsibilities

This section links to relevant information for supporting students with children/caring responsibilities and students who are carers.   

Students with children/caring responsibilities 

Student parents and carers may need adjustments to help them make the most of their time here at Leeds and to avoid attendance or assessment difficulties.  Circumstances can differ depending on the ages of children, any additional family support or disability related needs within the family.  Flexibility and a holistic approach can be very beneficial, this can range from timetables to allow students to leave early to collect children from school through to signposting to the Financial Assistance Fund if extra support is need. 

There is guidance on how you can support a student who has children/caring responsibilities which help with offering flexibility for their studies and support available.   

Students who are Carers

Students who are carers for dependant adults can face additional challenges which can impact on their attendance and assessments.  This could include short term injury/disability as well as longer term medical conditions.  For example, they may need flexibility around timetables to look after a family member or attend at medical appointments.  To support and enable them to achieve their academic potential it is important to provide flexibility where appropriate and reasonably practicable. 

The policy for Carers sits within the broader Policy for students/PGRs who are parents or carers.  This gives guidance on the steps that can be taken supporting student carers.  It includes a summary of key responsibilities, implications, and impact on study and how to determine an appropriate level of support.