Religious Observance

There is support for students which includes academic timetable accommodating religious observance where possible, spaces on campus for prayer, faith-based support and facilities and arrangements for students observing Ramadan. 

Faith Based support 

Students of all faiths or none can  access a broad range of faith-based support.  This can be helpful if they need space to talk, quiet reflection time or something has happened and they would like to talk to someone who maybe isn’t connected to their School.   


There is a range of support and advice for students observing Ramadan which includes examination arrangements, prayer space alongside activities that run over the Ramadan period.  To find out what support is available have a look at Ramadan Guidance 

Prayer Spaces on campus  

The university and LUU have many quiet spaces and prayer facilities that can be used throughout the year.  This information may be useful to share with students. Visit  Find out about prayer spaces on campus