Report + Support

Report and Support is an online disclosure tool for members of our community to report incidents of concern that they have witnessed or experienced. Students, staff and visitors of our university can use the platform to share with us that something has happened, either anonymously or providing their contact details.   

View the Report and Support website

Where users choose to speak to an adviser, they will be connected with a relevant member of staff who can provide them with information, support and guidance. Students and visitors who complete a disclosure form will be linked up with a member of the Harassment and Misconduct Team within 1 working day.  

Our university's specialist advisers can explain what support is available and help with practical issues such as mitigating circumstances or arranging safe accommodation. A named advisor will support students with whatever steps they decide to take next, and for as long as the student needs. University staff, guest/visiting lecturers and Leeds University Union staff can also report through Report and Support, and these form submissions are automatically allocated to their HR departments respectively.  

To complement the disclosure tool, the site hosts a range of support articles organised by incident type/behaviour. There’s a wealth of information for those who don’t feel ready or don’t wish to talk to someone related to the university, and to assist those who are supporting victims and survivors. Again, this information is designed with our students and colleagues in mind.   

View the Report and Support website

The site is managed by the Harassment and Misconduct Team.