Referring to Harassment and Misconduct Team

Supporting someone who has experienced abuse, violence, harassment, discrimination or bullying can be daunting. You don’t have to be an expert, and you’re not alone – we're here and can help you every step of the way. The Harassment and Misconduct team are here for you  

The Harassment and Misconduct team are the recommended first point of contact for any student who has been impacted by violence, abuse, bullying, harassment or discrimination – whether it happened to you or someone you know.   

With your student or PGRs consent, our specialist advisors can help with:   

  • Offering confidential advice and info to help you decide what’s right for you  
  • Guiding you through what to do and how to support others  
  • Navigating academic accommodations or living concerns  
  • Being referred to counselling, medical and legal services  
  • Accessing self-care support  
  • Providing info and educational information  
  • Making a formal complaint or report, on-campus or off  
  • Being there to listen  

The team works collaboratively with colleagues across the institution as well as external partners, organisations and charities. 

How to make a referral

The best way for a student or PGR to get in touch with the Harassment and Misconduct team is to complete the disclosure form. A specialist advisor will contact them within one working day to arrange a confidential appointment. They can also email the Harassment and Misconduct team at   

With their consent, you can connect students and PGRs to the Harassment and Misconduct team for confidential support. You can send an email to on their behalf; we call this a warm transfer. Please ensure you have consent from the student to do so. You can demonstrate this consent by copying them into the introductory email. 

Who can I consult with about next steps?

The Harassment and Misconduct Team can offer confidential advice and consultation to staff who are supporting students and PGRs following a disclosure. We can talk about the circumstances without needing to share names or identifying information. Having a safe space to talk about next steps means we can ensure best practice for our community. Please email the team on or the Harassment and Misconduct Manager, Charlotte Webster, on  

Can I make a report on behalf of a student or PGR?

It is possible to make a report on somebody else's behalf. This option is available if someone feels distressed about something that has happened to someone else, and wants their own support - not to get support for someone else. 

It's important that people feel empowered to report their own experiences, and making a report on behalf of someone else could take agency away from that person or miss important details which only that person knows. 

Links and resources

  • Explore the Harassment and Misconduct staff toolkit which includes information about the Harassment and Misconduct team, the support they can provide to staff and students, how to get in touch, and draft messaging you can copy and paste for your student-facing communications channels (e.g. social media posts, newsletter copy).  
  • Visit the Harassment and Misconduct team web pages to see what we’re saying to students about accessing support, giving support to someone else, learning info, University policies and meeting the team.