Study Skills Support

This section provides quick links to study skills support that can help students develop their academic skills.  They may be useful if a student is struggling with essay writing, preparation for assessments or time management. 

Sharing the wide range of study skill support that is available as early as possible with students can help to manage expectations about what they need to do to achieve the outcomes they want.   

How you can help 

Take time to have a chat and listen to what support you feel a student may need alongside what they feel is needed.  A student may ask for mitigating circumstances because they haven’t been able to do the work for their assessment.  Finding out why will help to direct to the right support.  They may be struggling because they are unsure how to structure their work, are having to juggle work and academic commitments and/or they have emotional difficulties which are impacting their progress.  Offering a holistic support route which combines the practical information around processes as well as active support that they can follow, can help prevent future difficulties arising. 

Sharing the follow resources with students can help them identify what support they can access and skills they can develop. 

Skills@library can help with development of academic and digital skills and can help students focusing on their priorities for planning their work 

Library website has online guides and tips and interactive workshops 

Study skills support can be used in combination with other emotional and wellbeing support which can be found here