Laptop Loans and Study Space

This section details how you can support a student to request a laptop on loan, and help them to find other facilities available to support their studies. 

Laptop loans 

The University has a limited number of laptops available to loan out to students, on a temporary basis, if needed. 

Student Support Officers are responsible for taking requests from the student, and are required to collect specific information from the student, such as alternative email and contact information, the reason for the loan, and the duration of the loan. 

It should be made clear in all conversations with that student that a loan is temporary, and it is expected that the student will return the device when agreed. 

Student Support Managers are responsible for furthering these requests for action via an IT form, and you should consult your Faculty Student Support Manager to see how this works in your area to ensure that you are communicating the information about requests as needed. 

The minimum loan term for a laptop loan is one semester – it is not possible for a student to loan a laptop for, for example, two weeks while they await repairs on their own device. 

More information about the scheme is found here

Laptop loans are not guaranteed – they are allocated based on need and availability, and certain groups of students will be prioritised (detailed on the above web page.) 

If a student is unable to secure a laptop loan, there are computer facilities available on campus, and you can direct students to use these as needed. 

Study space and computer clusters 

The student-facing web page about study space is found here – this includes information about IT clusters, bookable library space, and more. 

Students can use Spacefinder to find an available study space on campus.