Taking temporary leave

This section covers guidance on temporary leave, when it can be used, process to follow and additional support that would benefit students. 

Definition of temporary leave 

A student can take ‘time out’ of their studies if they are experiencing difficult or challenging circumstances which could be impacting their studies and/or their wellbeing.  A student can take temporary leave lasting under 4 weeks which can be handled within each School process.  If a student needs longer than 4 weeks, the temporary leave must be discussed with the School and then submitted to either the Operations Team (if within standard requirements) or Student Cases (if it does not meet standard requirements). 

There are two types of temporary leave, which one is best for a student depends on their circumstances, Standard temporary leave and Exceptional leave.  Information about what requirements need to be met, authorisation process and supporting a student returning from temporary leave can be found on the Temporary leavers page 

The impact of taking temporary leave and Support available 

It is important for the student to know the full impact of what taking temporary leave will mean for them.  This includes any funding implications, current commitments such as paying housing contracts and what support is available for them whilst they are on temporary leave. 

Ensuring they are aware of all the implications and support processes as well as helping with their return to study can have a positive impact on their success when they return.  Whilst on temporary leave some students won’t have access to any funds but may still have a housing contract and Council Tax to pay for, this can add to their stress, especially if they are taking time out because of emotional or mental health reasons. 

How you can help