Support resources for students who may be struggling with low mood or settling in at University.

This section includes what support resources that students can access if they are struggle to settle in, feeling lonely or experiencing low mood. 

It is normal for students to experience highs and lows during their time at university.  Sometimes it may be easier to recognise why this is the case, at times, a student can struggle with low mood and not know why.  There are many transition points along the way of a students journey and many life challengers that can come along that impacts how they are feeling and engaging with their studies. 

Here are a few resources you can share that can help. 

For a student experiencing low mood, feeling homesick or lonely. 

There are many ways for students to connect with others around them, get involved with what is happening on or off campus or access a range of workshops and self-help tools.  That we have all these resources is great, encouraging a student to access them when they may be feeling low and not motivated isn’t always easy.  However, it is positive if they are sharing this with you.   

It is important not to overwhelm them with lots of support options.  A starting point could be a chat about what they are interested in, what they like doing outside of university and what they feel may help.  This helps to give them the thinking to do, rather than you making lots of suggestions that they may not be keen on.  Depending on how your chat goes, here are some links that you can share with your student.