Helping a student who is not engaging with support

This section includes information about how you can help guide a student who is not accessing the support that they may need. 

It can be difficult if you feel a student is not accessing support that would be beneficial to them.  Maybe they are struggling to engage with their studies, and/or they may have experienced a troubling or traumatic event, or they feel more comfortable dropping by to talk to you or a colleague.   

There can be many reasons which may not be obvious as to why a student is not engaging either with support or their academic studies.  

  • Taking time to chat through what they feel they need can be helpful. 
  • Being consistent in your approach is important.  For a student who doesn’t want to access another service and feels you can offer the help they need – it is essential that you maintain your consistency of message about your role, boundaries and the limits of your knowledge in the area they need support in e.g. mental health, counselling or if they are a victim of assault.  Sometimes it is helpful to confirm in writing what support has been discussed and what steps the student needs to take.   
  • If you have concerns that a students wellbeing is being impacted by not accessing the right support have a chat with colleagues via the Duty Pathway, they can help talk through what is happening and discuss any next steps you or they may be able to help with.   

Get in touch via email or phone 07517499413 (non emergency)