Student confidentiality, disclosure and Data Protection

This section covers the essential guidance for sharing confidential information between services within the university. 

Information can be shared amongst university colleagues with the students consent providing it is necessary to do so.  

For example, making a referral to a university service, sharing mitigating circumstances information to inform a school meeting or colleague.

  • Information should only be shared that is relevant and only to the immediate and appropriate colleagues involved.  
  • Avoid sending sensitive student information and details to ‘reply all’ emails or copying in other services or colleagues, unless you are aware they are actively involved with the student and need to know the information.  
  • Reply all emails can be detrimental to the student as they can involve different staff members feeling they need to become involved or take action that may be a duplication or not necessary. 

Information can still be shared without the students permission, for example if there is a risk to their or others wellbeing, they are not engaging or a process needs to be completed.  However, it is important to be clear of the reasons for sharing when prior consent hasn’t been obtained. 

For more information see the university guidance on your responsiblities in relation to confidentiality, data protection and respecting the right for confidentiality.