Taught postgraduate decision process and codes

There are a number of decision codes that can be entered by a department in SWADCRV during the admissions process for taught postgraduate students.

Decision codes should not be entered after a recommendation has been sent through to Taught Admissions, as a number of processes are dependent on the most recent code entered into Banner.

School codes

Application under Consideration by the School

Once the school has received an application form there are a number of codes that should be used to explain the stage at which the application is being processed. This includes considering the application, requesting further information and when the school has recommended an offer. Figure 1 below details the general process that is followed by schools with the relevant code in the background.

School codes

Figure 1: Processing an application and the relevant decision codes

Offer is Processed by Taught Admissions

Once the school has recommended an offer and the relevant information has been sent to the central admissions team no further codes should be put on by the school that relate to their decision-making process. Inserting school codes after a recommendation has been processed by the Taught Admissions office prevents applicants from accepting their offer online.

Taught Admissions will add additional codes to illustrate the formal offer being given, when the offer was processed and if there are any ongoing issues, as detailed in the diagram below:

Central codes

Figure 2: Central codes used to process an offer 

Withdrawals and declines

If an application is withdrawn before an offer has been made by the University the code 08 should be inputted in to SWADCRV. This code relates only to an application being withdrawn before an official offer has been made.

If an offer has been made and an applicant chooses to decline this offer the Taught Admissions team will add a decision code 07, which states that the applicant has declined their offer. If you receive confirmation from an applicant that they wish to decline an offer please email tp_enquiry@leeds.ac.uk. We are required to differentiate between a withdrawal and decline in order to run reports on this data and to make sure that official offers are deactivated if the applicant declines.

List of Codes used by schools in SWADCRV

For your reference, below is a list of all the potential decision codes that can be used by schools in SWADCRV:

List of Codes used by Schools in SWADCRV
 Code Description 
 08  Applicant withdrawn
 13  Applicant conditional reply accept
 16  Condition not satisfied
 34  Business School unconditional Offer – to be approved by centre
 35  Business School conditional offer
 37  See shadow term record
 64  Awaiting funding
 65  Awaiting supervisor name(s)
 66  Awaiting research proposal
 67  Awaiting interview/audition
 68  Awaiting sample of work
 70  Application received by school
 71  Awaiting English language certificate(s)
 72  Awaiting documentation
 73  Awaiting transcript(s)
 74  Awaiting academic certificate(s)
 75  Awaiting reference(s)
 76  Application under consideration by school
 77  Documentation not received, application lapsed
 78  School conditional offer – to be approved by centre
 80  School unconditional offer – to be approved by centre
 82  Unsuccessful application to school
 84  School unable to support application
 85  Deferral to next start date agreed by school
 86  Changed course offer


List of codes used by central admissions teams

For your reference detailed below is a list of all the potential decision codes that are used by the central admission teams throughout the University:

List of Codes Used by Central Admissions Teams
Code Description 
 01  Pending Decision with department
 02  Application rejected
 03  Application rec'd in RDSO
 04  Referred for Chairman's action
 05  Institution acceptance (RDSO)
 06  Applicant acceptance (RDSO)
 07  Applicant declined offer
 09  Applicant deferred offer
 10  Await information following school recommendation
 11  Conditional offer
 12  Unconditional offer
 13  Applicant conditional reply accept
 14  Applicant unconditional reply accept
 15  Applicant reply - maybe
 17  2nd choice applicant acceptance
 18  LLC acceptance
 19  LLC rejection
 20  Institution withdrawal
 24  HECS unconditional accept
 25  HECS rejection
 27  HECS conditional accept
 40  Application received in SRMT
 50  School recommendation received by centre
 55  False documents
 99  Created in error