Catalogue training links

 This page contains information about organising training for the catalogues.

IT training for module and programme catalogues

The IT training team run group training sessions for the module and programme catalogues throughout the year. Look on the Courses and Workshops search page for details of when the next training session will be.  

One-to-one training

Programmes & Assessment (Curriculum & Timetabling) can provide one-to-one training on the module and programme catalogues if there is a particular training need and if the team has the capacity to do so. This can be done for staff with no prior catalogue experience, or as a refresher session for existing catalogue users. Email to enquire about organising a session.  

How access is granted

After a user has successfully undertaken Catalogue training the IT Banner Security team will assign permissions for the Banner pages SWAPCAT and SWAMCAT. They will then notify Programmes & Assessment (Curriculum & Timetabling), who will assign specific School/Department-based editing permissions, enabling the user to edit programme and module records for the school(s) that they work in.