PGR Recruitment Group

The PGR Recruitment Group is responsible for matters concerning postgraduate researchers (PGRs) as follows:

Terms of Reference

1.    To review policies and procedures for the effective recruitment and admission of PGRs to postgraduate research programmes, recognising differences in the organisation of constituent faculties;

2.    To ensure and promote equality, diversity and inclusion in the practices, policies and procedures of the University and its constituent faculties in relation to the recruitment and admission of PGRs, taking into account relevant quality assurance and statutory requirements;

3.    To receive reports from central services, Faculty Graduate School Committees and any working groups in relation to matters of recruitment and admission of PGRs, providing comments and making recommendations as required;

4.    To initiate cross-faculty or University-wide actions that will improve the delivery of objectives around recruitment and admissions of PGRs, making use of collective intelligence and best practice;

5.    To assist the Graduate Board in the regular management of policies and procedures, ensuring alignment with strategic objectives of the University;

6.    To keep the Graduate Board appraised of all matters relating to the recruitment and admissions of PGRs, including identified issues that relate to and/or impact the achievement of strategic objectives.

Chair (one Head of Graduate School) - 3 year term
Directors of PGR Studies (one representative from each Faculty) – 3 year term
Two PGR Reps – one year term

Service Representation:
Head of Doctoral College Operations
Doctoral College Admissions Manager
International Office representation
One Faculty Graduate School Manager – one year term
One Doctoral College Admissions Officer (rotating basis)
One Taught Admissions Manager

Meeting Schedule 2023/24:

Tuesday 17th October, 10:00-11:30

Tuesday 9th January 2024, 10:00-11:30

Tuesday 5th March 2024, 10:00-11:30

Tuesday 7th May 2024, 10:00-11:30