Commitment to staff development

We are committed to providing staff training and career development opportunities to support colleagues in delivering an excellent service across the University.

The approach of the Student Education Service (SES) to staff development and training reflects both the University's commitment to staff development and the SES vision to provide:
  • a high quality service
  • consistency of processes and support for staff and students
  • an equitable experience for students
  • opportunities for staff.

Commitment from everyone

A programme of training and development opportunities is available for SES staff. To make the most of these opportunities, the following commitments are needed from the Service, line managers and individual team members:

  • The Service will provide a comprehensive, high quality and accessible programme of training and development to make sure staff have the knowledge, skills and capabilities to achieve the Service vision and the opportunity to develop their individual potential.
  • Line managers (and advisers for those on probation) will ensure staff receive all essential training and have access to further training and development opportunities. Training needs will be reviewed and prioritised through the University Staff Review and Development Scheme (SRDS) process.
  • Individual members of SES staff will undertake all essential training and keep themselves informed about developments in their areas of work. They will reflect on their personal training and development needs and contribute to the learning and development of the Service as a whole by sharing their learning experiences and contributing to the review and enhancement of training and development, where possible.

Although training and development activities don’t guarantee progression, the Service will encourage this and make it happen wherever possible.