Plagiarism in research work

The University has agreed ways in which suspected academic misconduct in research degree work will be investigated. Further advice and support is available to PGRs and Schools.

Academic and Research Training and Support for PGRs

Training and support with academic and research integrity is available to all PGRs. The PGR Academic Integrity, Research Integrity and Research Ethics page provides detailed advice to PGRs on matters relating to academic and research integrity, including the PGR Academic Integrity Tutorial and Test and the Research Integrity Online Training, examination expectations and links to other resources.

Academic Misconduct Procedures

Concerns with academic misconduct in the transfer or thesis examination process must be reported by the transfer panel or the examiners to the School. The Postgraduate Researcher (PGR) Academic Misconduct Procedure - Procedures for investigating academic misconduct in University assessments by PGRs (PDF) explains the actions to be taken following an allegation of academic misconduct in a research degree assessment. This includes:

  • The offences covered under the procedure
  • The steps to be followed by the School when a concern is raised
  • The investigative procedure that will be followed
  • The range of penalties when an offence is confirmed. 

When an offence is alleged under the Procedure, PGRs are encouraged to seek independent advice and support from LUU Student Advice. Schools/Graduate Schools can contact Doctoral College Operations for further advice on the process to be followed when a concern is identified.

For research degrees with taught components, such as the Integrated PhD and Master, the academic misconduct procedures on the Student Cases website will apply to the taught elements of the programme.


The PGR Turnitin Screening Process Guidance for Schools (PDF) sets out the process agreed by Graduate Board and the Progression and Examinations Group for the screening of PGR assessed work. As part of the submission process all PGRs complete a declaration of academic integrity which includes confirmation that the work may be screened to verify the absence of plagiarised work.