Provisional marks

Provisional marks should be entered in to Banner and students alerted so that they can see them.

How to publish provisional marks

You need to let students know when their provisional marks for their module(s) are available to view in the Student Services area of Minerva.

To enter the provisional marks in Banner:

  • enter them in the grade column in SWADMRK and click the "Display as provisional" button, or;
  • tick the check box in SWADMKU.

If you click the "Display as provisional marks" button by mistake

Delete the marks from the grade column in SWADMRK then click on the "Display as provisional marks" button. This will display the marks as blank on the webpage.

If you need help using Banner, see the training document B220 Departmental Exams, available through the Banner Users Channel of Teams.

Modules taught over more than one semester

It is at the discretion of each individual school whether or not to give mid-term marks. If you do, follow the procedure above.

Provisional semester two marks


Do not provide provisional semester two marks. Enter the final marks into Banner by following the steps below. The marks will be published on the official publication date.

  • Enter the marks into SWADMRK but do not click on the "display as provisional marks" button
  • upload the marks using SWADMKU but do not tick the check box.

Once the marks have been finalised and entered/uploaded into SWADMRK, click the "release" button. This releases the marks as final to Student Administration and will not display the marks on the provisional marks webpage on Student Services.

Final marks will be displayed on the results and resits application section.


You may choose to display provisional module marks for students who will not be able to view their final marks until later in the academic session.

How students view their provisional marks

Students access the provisional marks section of Student Services by logging into Minerva.

This section is available to students all year round. However, once the final marks are returned to Student Administration and rolled into academic history, the provisional marks will be removed from the "prov. display" column in SWADMRK and the provisional marks webpage.

Final marks will be displayed on the results and resit application section.