Leeds for Life

Leeds for Life helps students get the most out of their time at university by supporting their personal and academic development, giving them skills and attributes to help them succeed academically and impress potential employers.

Visit the Leeds for Life website to explore the resources available to staff and students.

Leeds for Life has a number of key functions:

  • Supports personal tutoring by providing online forms which aid preparation for your tutorials, helping students and personal tutors to get the most out of their meetings.
  • Promotes skills-development opportunities for students within their school, the University, Leeds University Union or the community.
  • Explains the Leeds Curriculum concept of  "broadening" and enables students to explore the 10 Discovery Themes and, where applicable, build a list of discovery modules before online enrolment.
  • Provides access to career profiles of University of Leeds alumni through the Leeds Network.
  • Provides students with a personal development timeline to record their experiences and achievements.
  • Provides all undergraduate students with access to their Leeds for Life Higher Education Achievement Record (LfL HEAR), which includes their academic transcript as well as a record of University prizes and University-validated significant achievements.

Leeds for Life Foundation

The Leeds for Life Foundation provides funding to help students undertake projects to develop their skills and benefit others. Funding is also available for students to attend academic conferences.

Visit the Leeds for Life website for details of the schemes on offer and the application processes for each.