Late payment charges

Students with an overdue debt to the University may be charged late-payment administration charges on a monthly basis.

It is very important that students clear any overdue debt. Information for students about late payment fees is available on the student facing SES pages

The late payment administration charges are applied monthly while the debt is outstanding. The student will be notified of charges applied to their account through their University email address. Late-payment administration charges are applied to both internal and external students.

Tuition debt may stop students from registering for a new academic session or from graduating. Unpaid accommodation or other (including exam) debt may result in legal proceedings.

If you speak to a student who tells you they owe money to the University please encourage them to contact Student fees by email  or or call 0113 343 6700 urgently.

Tuition and exam debtors

Students with overdue tuition or exam fees are emailed a reminder in the first month that their debt is overdue. In each subsequent month they will incur a late payment administration charge of £20.

Late payment administration charges for tuition and exam fees are applied on or after the 20th of each month. 

Accommodation debtors

Accommodation debtors will incur a late payment interest charges from the month that their debt is overdue.

Students in University of Leeds Accommodation sign a contract which states the amount to be paid and receive a termly bill confirming their balance. Therefore it is understood that they are aware of their balance and do not require a reminder.

Late payment interest charges are charged on or after the 22nd of each month.

Can charges be put on hold?

Students with an ongoing complaint or appeal may be made temporarily exempt from late payment administration charges with the authorisation of the Student Fees.