Tuition Payment for Sponsored students

If a student is being supported by a third party organisation (but not Student Finance or a Research council) they are considered to be sponsored. Proof is required before the student can register.

Sponsor letters

Students with sponsorship must provide evidence of their sponsorship to register at the University, this has to be in an acceptable format and contain specific information. Information regarding what is required is available on the Sponsored Students page of the SES student website.

We will invoice sponsors directly for the annual academic fees, this should be paid within 30 days from when they receive the invoice.

Sponsor evidence for deposit payers

International taught postgraduate students may be asked to provide evidence of sponsorship during the application process. Because this evidence is provided at such an early stage it does not always adhere to the strict rules for registration.

If a student is not sure if their evidence has been accepted for registration they should email their sponsor letter to

Do we need the original letter?

In most cases, sponsors can email us a non-editable version of the sponsor letter: for example, a scanned document, PDF or image file. Sponsor letters should be sent to

What if the sponsor does not pay?

If a sponsor does not pay the liability for the payment of fees lies with the student. Up to date information on this policy is maintained on the Sponsored students page of the SES student website.