Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions timetablers are frequently asked.

If you can’t find the answer to your question, please contact your School Timetabler for further guidance, you can find contact details here.

How do I find my staff online timetable?

By logging into MyTimetable. Instructions for how to do this can be found here.

Why are the teaching term weeks numbered the way they are?

Several schools teach throughout the year, not just during the standard term time so we need a timetable that runs for 52 weeks. The teaching term week pattern allows us to timetable and easily reference weeks outside of the standard term in a way that works with the restrictions of the timetabling software.

Where can I find the teaching term week pattern calendar?

You can download the teaching week pattern calendar from here. The University also has a printable year planner which shows the University close days to help with your planning.

What does all the information on my timetable mean?

If you look at your timetable in MyTimetable mobile view (default), you will a list of your upcoming teaching. Each activity that appears on the list will include:

  • Time and day – the start and finish time of the activity
  • Module Code 
  • Activity name, (e.g. ARAB311001/LEC 1/01 <7-12, 14-17> which is made up of:
    • Module Code  (or codes for Jointly Taught activities)
    • The activity type (e.g. lecture (LEC), tutorial (TUT))
    • The group number for this particular activity
    • Content in the < > is for timetablers use
  • Location – details of the location will be shown for on-campus teaching. Clicking on the location name will take you to a page that provides directions to the rooms, along with other useful information (when you have on-campus face-to-face teaching, please avoid congregating outside rooms once your teaching has finished).
  • Teaching weeks – the week(s) the activity is taught in (located on the right side for the ‘mobile’ view and on the left side for the ‘desktop’ view)

When you select each activity, you will see the following additional information:

  • Activity Type* – e.g. Lecture, Tutorial
  • Module Description
  • Staff Name – this is academic member of staff who is delivering the teaching activity to you.
  • [Optional] Note – e.g. topics, guest speaker names, locations that are not included in the timetabling software
  • Recording Status – Recording, Recording (Audio and Screen only) or Not Recording. Please note that this only relates the on-campus lecture capture systems in the room.

Where can I find directions to the room my teaching is taking place in?

You can find room information and directions to every Central Teaching Space room on campus here. If you are teaching in a school owned room and unsure of what equipment the room has or how to find it, please contact your School Timetabler.

I have a problem with the equipment in a room I’ve booked, who should I contact?

Equipment and room faults should be reported to the Estates Helpdesk on 0113 343 5555 (ext. 35555), further information can be found here.

How do I make an ad-hoc lecture recording in an on-campus room?

Guidance on how to use Record Now (formerly Ad-hoc Recorder) can be found in the IT knowledge base.

Why is my timetable blank?

  1. If you are a new member of staff or an existing member of staff whose HR ID number has changed this can prevent your timetable from appearing. In this case, contact your School Timetabler, remembering to provide your HR ID number and username so that they can check the correct number is entered into the timetable system.
  2. You may not have been attached to any teaching yet, contact your School Timetabler if you are expecting to see teaching.

Why is my timetable incomplete?

  1. You may not have been attached to all your teaching yet, contact your School Timetabler to ensure they are aware that you have teaching outstanding.
  2. Your School Timetabler may not have been notified you are teaching, please contact them so that they can arrange for your timetable to be updated.

How quickly can I see changes made to my timetable?

Once your School Timetabler has indicated the change has been made it usually takes around 15 minutes for the online timetable to reflect the change. It can occasionally take longer – if a change is still not visible after 24 hours please report this to your School Timetabler.

Can I sync my online staff timetable to my outlook calendar?

Yes, you can find instructions on how to do this on the help section on MyTimetable, under the section ‘Connecting calendar options’.

Where can I see a module or programme timetable?

You can find module and programme timetables here.

I have accessibility needs and am teaching on-campus, what do I need to do?

Contact your School Timetabler. You do not need to provide any specific details other than what kind of room would be suitable, e.g. wheelchair access, level access, assistive listening system. It would be helpful if you could contact your timetabler as soon as you know what teaching you would like to take place on-campus so that the request for a suitable room can be made.

When do classes start and finish?

Classes are usually timetabled between 9am and 6pm, Monday to Friday, except for Wednesdays afternoons after 1pm; where possible, teaching for UG students is avoided after 1pm. Sometimes classes fall outside of these times – where specialist facilities are required or due to the nature of the teaching. Lessons should ideally start at 5 past and finish at 5 to the hour to allow staff and students time to move out of the room and to their next class.

How do I book a room for an activity that isn’t teaching?

You can request rooms using the web room booking system. Do not use the room booking system to book teaching activities as they won't appear on your students' timetables. This includes teaching outside core hours.

I need to reschedule my teaching due to an unforseen event, what should I do?

Contact your School Timetabler, providing the name of the activity as it appears on your timetable and when you would like to reschedule it to so they can look at alternatives. If you need to cancel your teaching at short-notice, please remember to email your students.

A student has contacted me to ask if they can change groups, is this possible?

Contact your School Timetabler for guidance. Groups sizes are carefully monitored, the School Timetablers should be kept informed of any changes so they can make sure groups are accurate in the timetabling system.

My groups of students are not the same as my attendance monitoring class lists, what do I need to do?

Contact your School Timetabler for guidance. The attendance monitoring system takes information directly from the timetabing system, so should be correct as long as the group information held in timetabling system is also correct. If you have students in your class that are not listed, they may be attending your group in error. The Timetabler may contact them to advise them of their correct group or re-allocate them to your group.