Programme support management team

The team leads the development and delivery of processes relating to programme support and brings together specialists from across the University. 

Functional managers from faculties and colleagues from relevant central teams work together to ensure the activities supporting the delivery of programmes of study give our students a high-quality and consistent experience.

Membership (information to be reviewed)

Head of Programmes and Assessment  Louise Powell
Faculty Education Service Manager (Eng/MPS)  Terry Owens
Student Operations Manager  Jill Williamson
Programme Support FM (AHC) Roz Walsh
Faculty representation: Programme Support Functional Managers
Arts, Humanities and Cultures  Selina Mountain
Biological Sciences  Katie Baxter
Education, Social Sciences and Law   Debbie Westmoreland
Engineering, MPS and Environment  Noemy Ellis Martin
Leeds University Business School   Georgie Barns
Medicine and Health   Zoe Gilchrist
Specialist services representation
Disability Services  Joanna Cannon
Online Distance Learning Centre  Lisa Ronkowski
PGRO/Doctoral College  Jo Nassor
Student Finance  Tony Back
Student Lifecycle Programme   Jill Williamson
Student Operations  Neil Cockshaw
Timetabling   David Dixon
Academic representation 
Pro-Dean Student Education  (Vacancy)
Invitees (attendance as necessary)
 Student Operations  Nick Allen


Terms of Reference


  1. Operational oversight of Programme Support processes for UG and PGT students, including PGRs (in collaboration with the Doctoral College team).
  2. Discuss, consult and make recommendations for improvements to Programme Support processes and operational delivery, acting as a reference group for projects related to Programme Support.  Address operational challenges with a view to resolution.  
  3. Reach decisions about minor changes to process and operations and ensure that they are effectively communicated. 
  4. Keep abreast of policy and strategy matters impacting this functional area; consider, report and make recommendations on the impact of internal and external developments, including legislation and statutory changes, on operational delivery.
  5. Oversee, in collaboration with key academic leaders and heads of service, the implementation of changes to policy or practice; develop recommendations for changes to policy or practice, escalating to the appropriate steering group or committee as necessary.  
  6. Share and develop good practice for a one service approach, ensuring policies and practices are transparent, applied consistently and are equitable for a diverse student cohort.
  7. Own and maintain process maps and supporting documentation.
  8. Take a holistic approach, considering the impact on the wider institution, and strengthening links with relevant areas of the business in other Professional Services and functional areas, ensuring links and interdependencies are identified.
  9. Identify training needs and development opportunities for staff within the wider team.