Faculty Graduate School Committees

Faculty Graduate School Committees report to the Graduate Board. Their common core terms of reference give all faculties a clear route of communication to Graduate Board.

The remit of these committees includes ensuring the quality of research training and supervision of postgraduate research students, making recommendations to Graduate Board in relation to policy and the development of new programmes, appointing postgraduate research tutors, liaising with external bodies such as Research Councils, and considering general issues relating to postgraduate research students in the faculty.

Current terms of reference


(i) To take responsibility, in accordance with the requirements of the University Graduate Board, for ensuring the quality of the research training and supervision of postgraduate research students in the Faculty by: 

  • developing and monitoring arrangements within the Faculty;
  • providing a Faculty Protocol for the implementation of the University Code of Practice for Research Degree Candidatures which defines standards and procedures at Faculty Graduate School level, which is consistent with the University Code of Practice (and where relevant, provides a framework for any separate arrangements at School level);
  • considering Reports arising from Student Academic Experience Reviews and submitting a report to the Graduate Board's Programmes of Study and Audit Group on the outcome of this consideration;
  • establishing and monitoring Faculty arrangements for generic skills training and other support courses, in consultation with other University service providers of training, as appropriate;
  • reviewing and monitoring the performance of postgraduate research degree candidates;
  • reviewing and monitoring the supervisory arrangements for research degree candidates;
  • submitting reports on the above and upon other quality issues as required by the University Graduate Board. 

(ii) Similar comparable statement to the above for taught postgraduate students where these students are “included” in the Faculty Graduate School but reports on various issues to be submitted to the Taught Student Education Board).

Policy and New Programme Developments

  • (iii) To send forward recommendations to the Graduate Board (or the relevant Group of the Graduate Board) on:


    matters concerned with policy relating to research degree programmes;
  • the proposed development of new research degree programmes and the amendment of existing programmes;

(iv) To send forward recommendations within the Learning and Teaching structure (STSEC, FTSEC, TSEB) where research degree programmes include modular credit rated taught elements;

Management of Research Degree Candidatures

(v) To appoint Directors of PGR Studies (in accordance with the Graduate Board's criteria for such appointments) to take general responsibility for co-ordinating and managing admissions and the arrangements for research degree candidatures within the Faculty, in accordance with the University Code of Practice.

External Interface

(vi) To interface with External bodies (including Research Councils) concerned with postgraduate study and funding within the academic areas covered by the Faculty.

General Postgraduate Issues

  • To provide a forum for the discussion of general postgraduate issues at Faculty level
  • To participate in arrangements for advertising, marketing and recruitment of postgraduate research students/taught postgraduate students, with consultation and liaison as appropriate with other areas and corporate offices
  • To allocate any funds provided by the Faculty for Postgraduate Studentships and to determine Faculty priorities (where required) in relation to Scholarship candidates in University competitions.
  • To consider and report back on any matters referred to the Faculty Graduate School Committee by the Graduate Board
  • To undertake relevant communication with the Taught Student Education Board and Research and Innovation Board

Current chairs of Faculty Graduate School Committees

AHC: Dr Mic Spencer
Biological Sciences: Professor Alan Berry 
Business: Dr Dan Coffey
Education, Social Sciences & Law: Dr Stuart Lister
Engineering: Professor Richard Hall
Environment: Professor Pippa Chapman
Mathematics and Physical Sciences: Dr Stuart Barber and Dr Kelvin Tapley
Medicine and Health: Dr Paul Marshall 


Chair:  Head of the Faculty Graduate School
Ex Officio: The Dean of the Faculty
The Pro-Dean for Research and Innovation
The Pro-Dean for Student Education
Director of PGR Studies for each registration unit for PGRs in the Faculty or representatives of the Directors of PGR Studies
The Directors/Tutors of Taught Programmes or representatives (where this is relevant in the individual Faculty)
The Faculty Representatives on the Groups of the University Graduate Board (who are nominated by the Faculty Graduate School Committee).  These Groups are currently:
- Programmes of Study and Audit Group
- Examinations Group
- Group on Scholarships, Studentships and Prizes
The Faculty Training Director (where this is an academic appointment)
Postgraduate student representatives appropriate to the Faculty (for policy matters only).

Other membership (as appropriate in the individual Faculty)
In attendance

Head of Doctoral College Operations
The relevant HUB Training Officer
The Faculty Marketing Officer
The Graduate School Manager/Coordinator 
School Postgraduate Administrators/Support Staff or representative of these staff (where appropriate in the individual Faculty)
Other attendees (as appropriate in the individual Faculty).