Graduate Board

The Graduate Board is responsible for providing strategic direction for postgraduate research degrees.

The Board is chaired by the Dean of Postgraduate Research Studies and is responsible for implementing policy and regulations through Postgraduate Research and Operations, Faculty Graduate School Committees and Postgraduate Research Tutors. The Board monitors and reviews all arrangements for research degrees and aspects of a candidature.

Admission, progress, examination and a decision regarding the award of the degree also fall within the remit of the Graduate Board. Postgraduate researchers are represented on the Board and on Faculty Graduate School Committees.

Terms of reference

  1. To give advice and make recommendations to the Senate and Council on the University’s strategy in relation to postgraduate research degrees
  2. To formulate and implement policy and procedures with regard to all research degrees and higher doctorates, including those offered in collaboration with other institutions including those accredited by affiliation
  3. To administer all research degrees governed by Ordinance X*, and higher doctorates governed by Ordinance XII, in consultation with the Taught Student Education Board where taught modules form part of a research degree programme
  4. To ensure the maintenance of quality and standards for research degree programmes and the provision of training for staff and postgraduate researchers 
  5. To establish Groups to determine appeals from postgraduate researchers and to receive, for information, details of the decisions made by Appeals Groups
  6. To communicate with the Taught Student Education Board and the Research and Innovation Board where issues of common interest are concerned
  7. To forward to the University Executive Group (UEG) recommendations involving significant resource implications;
  8. To identify, promote and facilitate innovative approaches to skills development and training
  9. To lead the strategic development and enhancement of Faculty Graduate Schools and their promotion within the University and externally
  10. To consult with, and receive reports from, Faculty Graduate School Committees and appropriate authorities within the accredited institutions
  11. To delegate authority to the relevant Groups of the Board to take action (a) to ratify examination results for research degrees and higher doctorates and to award such degrees and (b) confer them in absentia, where requested by the candidate
  12. To recommend to the Senate amendments to Ordinances relating to research degrees including the introduction of new degree awards
  13. To consider, and approve where appropriate**, (a) amendments to the regulations for research degrees, (b) the introduction of new programmes of study and (c) amendments to programmes of study;
  14. To have an oversight of all matters which relate to the needs of postgraduate researchers, in consultation with other bodies where appropriate
  15. To liaise with the Leeds University Union and other relevant student bodies and to support postgraduate activities by appropriate measures
  16. With the Group on Scholarships, Studentships and Prizes (GoSSP) and the Postgraduate Research Development Funding Group to have oversight of all scholarships and funding relating to postgraduate researchers, including liaison with Research Councils and external sponsors and to determine and implement policy on University funded scholarships for postgraduate researchers. 

*  all research degrees now governed by Ordinance X

** in those cases where there are significant resource implications the Board will forward a recommendation to the University Executive Group for consideration.

Membership of the Graduate Board

Chair: Dean of the Leeds Doctoral College Professor Claire Honess 

Ex officio: the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Research and Innovation Professor Lisa Roberts

Ex officio: Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Student Education Professor Tom Ward 

The Faculty Directors of Postgraduate Research Studies (who will also be the Chair of the Faculty Graduate School Committee):

  • Arts, Humanities and Cultures: Dr Mic Spencer
  • Biological Sciences: Professor Alan Berry 
  • Business: Dr Dan Coffey 
  • Education, Social Sciences & Law: Stuart Lister 
  • Engineering: Professor Richard Hall
  • Environment: Professor Pippa Chapman (from 01/08/18 - 31/01/19 Dr David Galbraith)
  • Mathematics and Physical Sciences:  Dr Stuart Barber and Dr Kelvin Tapley
  • Medicine and Health: Dr Paul Marshall

Two LUU representatives:

  • Ex officio: the Education Officer of the University Union  Serene Esuruoso 
  • A PGR Representative to be appointed by LUU* TBC 

Four elected members:

(i) Election by members of the Faculties of two members of the Graduate Board: 

Dr Jelena Havelka (2016-19)

Dr Ana Manzano-Santaella (2018-21)

(ii) Election by members of the Senate of two members of the Senate: two vacancies

Representative of the Taught Student Education Board:  Dr Samantha Pugh

Chairs of the Groups/Committees of the Board

Examinations Group: Professor Ingrid Sharp (2016-19)

Programmes of Study and Audit Group: Dr Mic Spencer (2014-19)

Group on Scholarships, Studentships and Prizes: Professor Richard Hall (2014-19)

Representatives from Accredited Institutions

1 representative of York St John University: Dr Lynne Gabriel

1 representative of Leeds Trinity University: Professor Graham Roberts

Dates of Meetings and Venues 2018/19

Monday 08 October 2018 10.00 am 
Council Chamber, Marjorie and Arnold Ziff Building 

Monday 10 December 2018 10.00 am 
Council Chamber, Marjorie and Arnold Ziff Building

Monday 18 February 2019 10.00 am 
Council Chamber, Marjorie and Arnold Ziff Building

Monday 15 April 2019 10.00 am 
Council Chamber, Marjorie and Arnold Ziff Building

Monday 10 June 2019 10.00 am 
Council Chamber, Marjorie and Arnold Ziff Building