Steering Committee for Doctoral Training Grants

Find out information about the Steering Committee for Doctoral Training Grants.

Terms of Reference

  • To co-ordinate the activities of Doctoral Training Grants within the University; 
  • To consider and reach decisions upon University policy in relation to Doctoral Training Grants and decide upon changes in procedures where appropriate;  
  • To ensure that report deadlines are met and monitored by the Steering Committee;  
  • To ensure that the University's standard regulations and procedures are observed in all matters relating to Doctoral Training Grants;
  • To report to the Graduate Board once a year. 

Postgraduate Research and Operations is responsible for arranging the meetings of the University Steering Committee.

Membership of the Steering Committee for Doctoral Training Grants

Chair: Professor C Honess (Dean of Postgraduate Research Studies)

Faculty Dean Representatives:

Faculty of Engineering: Professor P Jimack 

Faculty of MAPS: Professor S Scott

Pro-Deans for Research and Innovation Representatives:

Faculty of Biological Sciences: Professor J Deuchars

Faculty of Engineering: Professor G Davies 

Faculty of Environment: Professor R Batley

Faculty of MAPS: Dr O Harlen

Faculty of Medicine and Health: Clare Skinner, Faculty Head of Research Support

Please direct any queries to Caroline Neave