External examiners

External examiners are an essential part of the University's quality assurance processes. The role of the external examiner is to provide assurance to the University that its assessment system is fair and operated equitably, and to ensure comparability of the University's standards with those in peer institutions.


The external examiner handbook provides information on University policies and procedures related to external examining, external examiner appointments and duties, and how the University considers external examiner reports.

•    External Examiner Handbook (PDF)


At least one external examiner must be appointed to each taught programme offered by the University. External examiners are normally appointed for four years. Nominations should be submitted to the Quality Assurance Team on the external examiner nomination form and be accompanied by a detailed CV for the nominee. Nominations must be approved by the Chair of the relevant Faculty Taught Student Education Committee.

•    External Examiner Nomination Form (Word)

Sometimes the duties of an external examiner may need to be amended or the appointment period of an external examiner may need to be extended. If required, schools should submit requests to amend the duties or extend the appointment period of an external examiner to the Quality Assurance Team using the relevant form. The requests must be approved by the Chair of the relevant Faculty Taught Student Education Committee. Please note that approval to extend the appointment of an external examiner for a fifth year will only be given in exceptional circumstances. 

•    External Examiner Amendment of Duties Form (Word) 
•    External Examiner Extension of Appointment Period Form (Word) 


Each year external examiners are required to submit an annual report within six weeks of the relevant Progression and Awards Board. A template is provided to ensure consistency of the reports. External examiners are asked to submit completed reports in Word format to the Quality Assurance Team. The Quality Assurance Team will circulate received reports to the relevant schools.

•   External Examiner Report Form (Word)

Fees and expenses

Schools are responsible for the payment of fees and expenses to external examiners. External examiners are paid an annual fee upon receipt of the annual report (this includes the basic fee, per capita fee and any mentoring fee). Fee rates are detailed in the schedule of payments. External examiners can also claim reasonable travel and subsistence expenses. Valid expenses will be reimbursed by the relevant school which will provide the necessary claim forms. 

•  Schedule of Payments for External Examiners


Contact us

Please contact the Quality Assurance Team at qat@leeds.ac.uk with any questions relating to external examining at the University.