Thesis submission

There are key dates and events to keep in mind while supporting PGRs through the thesis submission process both in the lead up to submission and while submitting the thesis.

Preparing for submission

All candidates should aim to submit their thesis within the standard period of study for their programme. The thesis must be submitted for examination by no later than the end of their maximum period of study. Candidates and supervisors can view this date in GRAD. 

At least four months before the PGR intends to submit their thesis, PGRs and supervisors should start thinking about the examination entry process and identifying appropriate examiners for the thesis. Doctoral College Operations (DCO) needs to receive the examination entry workflow at least three months before the thesis is submitted. You can find further information about the examination entry process and appointment of examiners.

Thesis format regulations

The University has very specific requirements for the format and presentation of the thesis. The Guide to the thesis examination process for PGRs includes detailed information on the University requirements for the format and presentation of the thesis and the examination process including: 

  • entering for examination 
  • the content and layout of the thesis
  • the presentation of the title page (PDF) and the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and copyright statements which must be included in the thesis
  • thesis length requirements, and what to do if there is a need to exceed them
  • including work from any solely or jointly-authored publications in the thesis
  • advice on what to expect before, during and after the viva
  • advice on eThesis preparation and presentation
  • advice on the presentation of a practice-led submission.

The University has approved an alternative format of thesis submission, which includes published material, for PGRs in the Faculties of Environment , Engineering, AHC, Biological Sciences and Medicine and Health only. PGRs and Supervisors should refer to the Faculty Protocol for further advice.  PGRs in these Faculties who wish to consider this route to submission are advised to discuss this with their Supervisory team in the first instance. This model of thesis can only be submitted where the supervisory team supports this format and is satisfied it is appropriate and meets the protocol in place for that Faculty. Please see the Faculty protocol for further advice.

It is recognised that this alternative style of doctoral thesis is not appropriate in all disciplines and that, in some cases and subject areas, the traditional, chapter style of thesis will remain the expected format for the thesis. In all other cases, any published material may be used to form a chapter of a thesis but must be rewritten and integrated within the thesis as a whole – in accordance with the policy on the use of solely or jointly-authored publications

Submitting the thesis

Theses should be submitted via GRAD as a PDF; soft-bound copies are not required. The thesis can be submitted and assessed remotely.  Further advice on how to do this can be found in the Guide to the thesis examination process for PGRs 

Dispatch of the thesis to the examiners

DCO checks the format of the thesis and dispatches it to the examiners (usually within ten working days) - if the examination entry form has been approved by the Progression and Examinations Group. The internal examiner is then responsible for making the arrangements for the viva.