Policy on the Assessment of Written English

The University is committed to inclusivity and it is important that this commitment is reflected in assessment practices meeting the needs of its diverse student population, and that these are fair, transparent and consistently applied.

The Policy on the Assessment of Written English Word Document sets out the University’s approach to the assessment of written work in English which applies to all written work submitted by all students. It also includes information about flagging for students with specific learning difficulties (such as dyslexia), and other disabilities.

Specific guidance is provided to enable markers to tailor their feedback effectively for flagged students on The Inclusive Feedback for Disabled Students webpage.

Frequently Asked Questions for All Students

Will I be penalised for errors in my spelling, punctuation, and grammar? 

The expected level of written English will be stated in the marking criteria for your assessments. This will vary depending on the course you are studying and the type of assessment you are taking. The person marking your work needs to be able to understand what you have written. If your spelling, punctuation, and grammar means that your work cannot be understood then it will not pass.  If the expectations for written English have not been clearly communicated to you via the marking criteria, you should contact the Module Leader for further information.  

What support with written English is available to me? 

Skills@library Academic skills resources (including 1-1 support) 

The Language Zone - Free learning materials and advice for independent language study 

Disability Services - Advice on accessing support for disabled students 

Lifelong Learning Centre – Academic skills support for students taking Lifelong Learning Centre courses, and mature undergraduate home (UK) students in any school 

Assistive Technology Resources and advice (Minerva Site)  

Some schools may also offer their own provision in conjunction with Library Learning Services and/ or the Language Centre. 

Who should I talk to if I have questions or concerns about this? 

You can talk with your School or contact the Student Information Service.  

Frequently Asked Questions for Disabled Students

Why has the University changed the recommendation from ‘marking consideration’ to ‘feedback consideration’? 

From September 2022 the recommendation for Marking Consideration will now be called Feedback Consideration. This is to make it clear that the purpose is to provide sensitive, tailored feedback to disabled students. You will be marked in accordance with your assessment criteria, and the feedback you receive will reflect that the marker is aware that you have provided evidence to Disability Services of a disability which may impact your written work and their feedback will be tailored appropriately. You need to follow your School’s approach to flagging assessed work; if you are not sure how to do this, please contact your School Disability Contact.