Module Enrolment

It is the responsibility of the parent school to ensure that students enrol for their modules online and that all module and programme data is up to date and accurate. 

Most students enrol upon any optional and discovery modules that will make up their programme of study via the module enrolment webpages, which are held within Student Services. While it's open, students can use the system whenever they wish and revise their choices where necessary. The web pages incorporate direct links to module and personal timetables, the module and programme catalogues and a filtration system for the enrolment on foreign language modules. 

If students need guidance at any stage of their enrolment, they are encouraged to contact their parent school or relevant teaching school(s). 

If a student wants to change their choice of module(s) after the module enrolment system has closed, they must submit their request for approval by completing the Change of Module online form. The student’s request will then be received and reviewed by their parent school. The University allows students to change modules for up to four weeks after teaching starts, however, some schools only allow changes for a shorter period.  

Study abroad and exchange students cannot use the module enrolment system to apply for modules or make changes to their programme of study. Their module enrolment is managed by the Study Abroad Office and Study Abroad coordinators within each academic school or department. For further information on this process, students should visit the Exchange and Study Abroad webpages. 

School responsibilities relating to module enrolment

Updating module and programme information

Before the online system is opened to students, it is important that the relevant curricular data in both Banner and Module and Programme Catalogues is up to date, accurate and identical. Curriculum data held within the catalogues feeds directly into the online enrolment system, meaning errors can affect student’s enrolment experience and prevent them from selecting their choices. 

Online enrolment communication and pre-enrolment checks

The second stage of the online enrolment process is to inform students how and when to access the online enrolment system. The Curriculum team will co-ordinate generic communications to be sent out to all students, however it is the school’s responsibility to provide any school-specific targeted enrolment information to students. 

There are also certain data checks that schools can make to ensure that the correct compulsory module data is on a student's record before the system is accessible to the student. Schools can also utilise a test version of the online enrolment system to review from a student’s perspective. 

Monitoring and approving student choices

The third stage of the enrolment process is monitoring that students have enrolled online and approving their module choices. It is the parent school's responsibility to check their students complete their module enrolment and that they comply with the rules for their programme of study. 

Further information

Guides for staff who support students through the module enrolment process can be found on the Curriculum and Catalogues Microsoft Team and associated Curriculum Intranet (SharePoint) website. The guides include information on the above mentioned checks that schools run.