Student Education Service teams

Contact details and responsibilities for our Student Education Service teams.



Head of Admissions: Lisa Summers

Deputy Head of Admissions: Graham Rees

Deputy Head of Admissions: Sofia Hepworth

Taught admissions team

Key Contact: Debbie Senior


Taught Admissions Team responsibilities


Admissions enquiries team

Manager: Sarah Whiteley
Key Contact: Katie Tucker

Admissions enquiries team responsibilities

Taught admissions policy and qualifications

Manager: Anya Wright

Taught admissions training

Manager: Jenny Gibbison

International Pathways Centre

Key contacts for admissions

International pathways centre responsibilities

Language Centre

Key contact for admissions: Lorna Riley

Language centre responsibilities

Incoming Study Abroad Admissions Team (Study Abroad Office)

Manager: Liz Simpson

Incoming study abroad admissions team responsibilities

Lifelong Learning Centre Admissions Team

Key contact: Michelle Lotherington

Lifelong learning centre admissions team responsibilities

Faculty admissions teams

Faculty admissions team responsibilities

To find a faculty admissions team key contact, view the contact us section of the relevant course page on Coursefinder.

Faculty admissions managers

Faculty admissions managers responsibilities

Arts, Humanities and Cultures: Dave Baldwin and Helen Dyson
Biological Sciences: Paul Matthews
Business: Sue Waterson
Education, Social Sciences and Law: Sue Haines
Engineering: Becky Whitaker
Environment: Lynsay Thomas
Mathematics and Physical Sciences: Helen Linyard
Medicine and Health: Louise Tomenson



Doctoral college

Head of Doctoral College Operations: Rachel Cox
Email: (currently on maternity leave. Please direct all queries to Paula North who is covering her role. Email:




  • PGR admissions
  • PGR operations and policy, eg assessment, programme support, student support

Head of Doctoral College Programmes: Christina Robinson




  • PGR programme approval
  • Quality assurance and committee support


Educational Engagement

Head of Educational Engagement: Louise Banahene
General email:

Responsibilities: widening participation by working across the UK with schools and colleges to raise awareness of, and aspirations towards, higher education.  Includes outreach, Access to Leeds, financial support and student success programmes at undergraduate and taught postgraduate level.

Faculty Education Service Managers (FESMs)

Arts, Humanities and Cultures: Cathryn Reardon
Social Sciences: Jenny Hamlin
Environment: Terry Owens
Engineering and Physical Sciences: Terry Owens
Biological Sciences and Medicine and Health: Claire Smith
Leeds University Business School: Laura Clarke

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Learning enhancement

Head of Learning Enhancement: Isobel Whitehouse

Learning Enhancement Team:

Responsibilities: overseeing and supporting educational development to meet external organisations’ skills gaps, including higher and degree apprenticeships.

Leeds Institute of Teaching Excellence (LITE)

Leeds Institute of Teaching Excellence (LITE) 

Head of Learning Enhancement: Isobel Whitehouse
Institute Manager: Katie Livesey
General Email enquiries:


Programmes and assessments

Head of Programmes and Assessment: Louise Powell

Assessment, award, exams and progress

Manager: Rachael Howden
Email: and


Manager: David Dixon

Student and curriculum records

Manager: Jill Williamson


Counter services and international student advice

Manager: Renato Pallassini

Tier 4 Policy and Support

Manager: Ros Harrison

Graduation and events

Manager: Sharron Murphy

Faculty based colleagues


Quality assurance

Head of Quality Assurance: Jenny Lyon
General enquiries email:

Quality assurance responsibilities

Student careers

Head of Student Careers: Jane Campbell
Email: or

Central Services

Manager: Matthew Howard (Assistant Head of Student Careers)


  • Central Careers Services, including Frontline careers information, advice and guidance, Graduate Support Programmes, Mentoring and Widening Participation
  • Training and Development
  • Employability Network
  • Digital career resources

Data, systems and quality team

Manager – Andy Blunt
Email -

Central administration and curriculum team

Manager – Caroline Shingles

Business start up (Spark)

Head of Business Start Up – Kairen Skelley

Incubation Manager – Brian Baillie

Responsibilities: Spark student and graduate business incubator, start up visa, student business start up advice, Entrepreneurs Exchange

Project officers:


Faculty based colleagues

Faculty employability teams oversee the delivery of faculty bespoke information, advice and guidance.

Team leads:

  • Arts, Humanities and Culture Faculty Team Lead: Laura Bird
  • Biological Sciences Faculty Team Lead: Annabelle Cross
  • Medicine and Health Faculty Team Lead: Annabelle Cross
  • Business School Faculty Team Lead: Caroline Williams
  • Environment Faculty Team Lead: Caroline Williams
  • Social Sciences Faculty Team Lead:  Sarah Wenham
  • Engineering and Physical Sciences Faculty Team Lead: Su Maynard

All engineering enquiries to:
All Maths and Physical Sciences enquiries to


Student finance

Head of student finance: Abi Shearsmith

Student fees and cashiers

Manager: Sarah Fabron
Email (for undergraduates):
Email (for postgraduates):

Student fees responsibilities

Cashiers' responsibilities:

  • Take payments from staff and students
  • Allocate all incoming bank credits and pay staff advances, expenses and foreign currency orders

Student funding

Manager: Alison Jackson

Student funding responsibilities

Student placement

Head of Global Opportunities: Ben Oldham

Deputy Head of Global Opportunities: Lisa Beare

Deputy Head of Global Opportunities (Employer Engagement and Placements): Jan Spalek

Responsibilities: Global Opportunities, Volunteering, Students into Schools, Work Placement Team, Employer Engagement

Undergraduate research

Manager: Rebecca Shaw

Employer engagement

Assistant Employer Engagement Manager: Holly Fox

Study Abroad

Manager: Liz Simpson (Incoming Study Abroad Manager)


Student support

For Students

Head of Student Support: Chris Warrington

Disability services

Manager: Simon Morris (Assistant Head of Student Support)

Student counselling and wellbeing

Manager: Jane Harris (Assistant Head of Student Support)

International student office

Manager: Katy Manns

Student Support works closely with:

  • LUU Help and Support
  • Chaplaincy
  • Transcription Centre RNIB
  • Leeds Student Medical Practice

Faculty based colleagues

Student Support Functional Management team