After successful oral examination

After the viva, the PGR must make any necessary corrections to their thesis to the satisfaction of their internal examiner before submitting the final thesis to the University. Please see our Guide to the thesis examination process for more detailed information.

Correcting the thesis

After a successful oral examination, the PGR should complete any required corrections and return these to their internal examiner for approval. PGRs are advised to consult with their supervisor(s) throughout this process. Once the internal examiner has approved the corrections the final thesis can be prepared.

If a PGR experiences any problems completing and returning the corrections to the internal examiner by the 4/12 week deadline they must draw this promptly to the attention of their Faculty/School PGR Administrator (or  supervisor or Director of PGR Studies).The Graduate Board’s Examinations Group will consider a short extension to the correction deadline if PGRs experience difficulties during the correction period and need extra time because of, for example, illness, work or family commitments.

 For more information about extending correction deadlines, read the policy.

Uploading the final eThesis

The University has permanently withdrawn the requirement for PGRs to submit a hard-bound copy of the corrected thesis for the award of their degree. PGRs only need to upload a PDF copy of their thesis to White Rose Etheses Online. This can be carried out remotely. Please see our eThesis page for further details.

PGRs must discuss the retention of thesis arrangements with their supervisor before uploading their eThesis. As part of the eThesis upload process the PGR will be asked to confirm whether their thesis can be made immediately available in the Library or whether an embargo is needed, for example if the work is commercially or politically sensitive or if there are plans to publish. Please see our eThesis page for further details

Supervisors will receive an email notification of the thesis embargo arrangements after the eThesis has been uploaded. If a supervisor has any concerns with the embargo which has been applied - for example if a longer period is required - please contact Doctoral College Operations.

Publication of pass list

A PGR’s name will be published on a pass list after:

  • The examiners’ report has been approved at a Graduate Board’s Examinations Group meeting.
  • DCO has received confirmation that the internal examiner is satisfied that any corrections have been completed.
  • The PDF e-thesis has been uploaded.
  • All tuition fees have been paid.
  • Any taught modules have been completed



Further information about the arrangements for graduation and certificates can be found on the graduation pages of the SES website.