What the Careers Service offers

The Careers Service runs events and offers a wide range of resources including a database of employment opportunities to help students prepare for the job market.

What is the Careers Service?

The Careers Service supports students to help them decide, plan and compete in a global graduate job market. Staff can find out more about what they do through the For Students website.

At the Careers Centre

To support students in making decisions and developing the skills to make successful applications to work or for further study, the Careers Service offers the following appointments:

  • Application Support
  • Students into Schools
  • Finding your career path
  • Information & Opportunities
  • Mentoring
  • Mock Interview
  • Securing your career path
  • Study Abroad
  • Work Placement

The Careers Welcome Zone has up-to-date information to support students in making decisions, planning their future and competing with other graduates in the labour market.

In faculty

The Careers Service offers a range of support in faculty including: 

  • Careers Modules
  • drop-in sessions
  • bespoke information and advice sessions
  • information and resources to support faculty staff


The Careers Service organises a range of events including fairs, workshops and presentations run by graduate employers and careers staff. These events aim to help students to make career decisions and network with graduate employers and further study providers.

Exclusive vacancy database

The Careers Service has an exclusive database of employment opportunities for University of Leeds students and graduates.