Tuition fee Scholarships and awards

University departments may make tuition fee awards to students, for example the alumni bursary or as part of a postgraduate research scholarship. Find information on tuition fee payment processes, payments forms and schedules and useful contact details. 

Tuition fee awards, scholarships and waivers

To provide a tuition fee award or scholarship you must complete Form 21 (notification of student fee award) which is processed by the Student Fees and when the student registers the funds are deducted from the specified account.

If you are providing a tuition fee award, scholarship or waiver you must inform the student of this by providing an official award letter. This will ensure students are aware of the support you are providing and pay the correct amount at registration.

International students require the letter to be issued as a hard copy to support their visa application, an email version is not accepted by UKVI.

When to send a Form 21

Student Fees receive in excess of 5,000 forms each year, mainly during our peak registration period in September. With this in mind, it would be very helpful if Form 21s are sent in advance to ensure processing before registration.

Regardless of when the Form 21 is processed your account will not be debited until the student completes online registration.

Processing turnaround

Forms that are correctly completed and authorised will be processed within three working days of receipt.

If forms are completed incorrectly or budgets are exceeded, processing will be delayed and will be three working days from when the issue is resolved. This may require a new Form 21 being submitted with new authorisation.

Completing the form

You should complete the Form 21 and get the appropriate authorisation before emailing the spreadsheet and authorisation email to the Fees team.

We will accept authorisation via email provided the relevant authorisations are clearly in the email trail. Send the complete authorised form to Student Fees as an attachment to the email trail (not as separate emails).

The How to complete a Form 21 guidance document for staff is available to download