Registration is an annual process for all students. This page contains key information and downloadable resources for staff to use.

As of 2017/18, students entering a new course via admissions will also need to have their identity checked*. This differs to those with a pre-September 2017 start date, who had to collect a student ID card by presenting proof of identity. From 2017/18, student ID card collection is no longer a mandatory step for new course registration.

Please note, external students (ie they are resitting externally) do not register - more information about their student status and access can be downloaded here. Also, research students have slight variations in registration - you can download the Research Student Registration Guide for Schools here

Registration resources

The Registration Helpline deals with general and complex registration queries. During September the team expands from one to about four staff members, dedicated to dealing with calls and emails:
+44 (0)113 343 7000 (outside UK and internal call transfers)
0800 915 0402 (within UK)

For clearly specific queries, students can be directed to the below areas help answer their queries:

This page is a summary of key registration information, download our full guidance here:

If you find you still have questions after reading this page and the resources above, contact

Pre-registration requirements

For returning undergraduates, the schools progression exercise controls whether a student can register online. It is therefore vital that progression codes are accurately and promptly input by parent schools for all undergraduate students expected to return next session and updated following the resit period, where appropriate.

New students will need to:

  • accept their unconditional offer before their "current student" account is generated
  • if requested, present their academic qualifications in person (list of where to take these here)

Part A of registration: online registration steps

Students can complete the online element of registration through Minerva (the new Portal/VLE as of 27 July 2017). The online registration steps confirm details about the student, their studies and fee payment, as well as confirming their agreement to the Student Contract.

The final stage has the "registration certificate" (this is NOT confirmation of completing registration). For new students, this will be asked for at the next step of identity check/ID card collection*, either electronically (on a phone or tablet) or in person. If they are unable to complete online registration for a particular reason, part B can be completed using their ID number instead of this page.

For staff, the document "Registration Online Steps Walkthrough" can be downloaded from the documents list above - this contains screenshots and a full walkthrough of the online registration steps.

Part B of registration

September 2017 start onwards: Identity checks

For students starting a new course*, they need to complete both online registration and an identity check to be fully registered (the ID card will be offered after the identity check but is not a requirement of registration).

After completing the all steps of online registration, students go to the required location (see locations below) for an identity check. Please see "documents to bring for part B" for details of documents needed.

Students will then be directed to have their picture taken and their student ID card issued. Though the ID card will not be a requirement of registration, it will still be required for access to the library, certain card-entry buildings and to placement wards for Healthcare students. It will also be required for examinations.

International students requiring BRP collection: once a BRP collection email has been received, students can book an identity check appointment where they can both collect their BRP and have their identity checked. 

Documents to bring for Part B

The student must bring their passport, national identity card or ID verification form with adoption/birth certificate to this appointment. Please do NOT advise students to bring a drivers license as this is NOT a consistently valid form of verification.

International students: should also bring immigration permission documents, namely visa and CAS and if already obtained, their BRP.

Dates and deadlines

For the 2017/18 main September cohort, students can register from:

  • Returning undergraduates: 1 August 2017
  • New undergraduates: 30 August 2017
  • Returning taught postgraduates: 1 August 2017
  • New taught postgraduates: 1 August 2017
  • International students (not year abroad/exchange/Erasmus+): from arrival in Leeds
  • Incoming year abroad/exchange/Erasmus+: from 1 August 2017

Undergraduate students should be in attendance at the University by Wednesday 20 September 2017.  


The format of our deadlines have been updated for 2017/18. Please see the documents section at the top of the page for timeline and deadline documents, which we recommend you keep at hand. Our listed school registration contacts will receive update emails from the Programmes and Assessment (Operations) team in line with these deadlines.

To summarise alongside viewing our deadlines document, we have moved from four key dates to three.

While previously students had a warning "hold" placed on their account to freeze their access at step 3 "warning date", this will no longer be used and there will only be one account adjustment, namely at the final step "Withdrawal Due to Failure to Register" date (was step 4, now step 3).

This increases the importance of the Warning Date (step 2), which is now the date by which students are "expected to complete registration". The deadlines document now more fully outlines what Schools and Operations are expected to do in terms of student contact.

As before, reinstatements can be requested (using a reinstatement form) up to the reinstatement deadline, after which students must submit a statement alongside the reinstatement form.

For September 2017 registration (September starters), the key dates are :

  • Step 2 (Warning date - expectation for completing registration): 6 October 2017
  • Step 3 (Withdrawal due to Failure to Register): 23 October 2017
  • Reinstatement deadline: 6 November 2017

Please visit the documents section at the top of the page for supporting downloads. You can download "Registration timeline September-start" for a fuller description of the registration follow-up process. The "Registration deadlines year-round" document contains the deadlines for all start months. Both of these documents go with the "Registration timeline school example contact emails". 


General enquiries: at the Student Services Counter (level 9 Marjorie & Arnold Ziff Building)  where Students will need to use Qless to queue as advised on the Student Services Centre page. The counter is open 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday during registration week, opens 10am Wednesdays outside of this period. They can also contact the Registration Helpline (see top of page).

Central services help (i.e. Fees, Funding and Accommodation): at the Student Services Counter (level 9 Marjorie & Arnold Ziff Building). Open 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday during registration week, opens 10am Wednesdays outside of this period. Students will need to use Qless to queue as advised on the Student Services Centre page.

New student ID checking, BRP’s, first student ID cards:
  • 07-27 September 2017:
    All students - The Great Hall. Students will be greeted and issued with a manual ticketing system to manage queues at busy times.
  • 28 September - 06 October 2017: 
    UK/EEA students - Interview Room 3, Marjorie and Arnold Ziff Building. Queue outside this room, NO Qless.
    International students - Manual ticketing in Foyer of Marjorie and Arnold Ziff Building, NO Qless. Appointments in 12.07 Marjorie and Arnold Ziff Building, use the stairs or lift on foyer entrance next to toilets.
  • 06 October 2017 - summer 2018:
    All students - to be confirmed.

Qualifications checks: please see here.

International Student Arrangements

International students have the following resources:

  • The International Student Information Point (Michael Sadler Building) will be running from Saturday 9 - Friday 22 September every day, including weekends. They can collect their international welcome pack, sign up for introductory talks, tours and ask any questions.
  • The international welcome talks (running every day that the International Student Information Point is open) will give an overview of the registration process.
  • At other times of year the International Student Office has an enquiry desk on level 11 of the Marjorie and Arnold Ziff Building, Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm.
  • The international student pages are here.
  • Those at Leeds for Study Abroad/Exchange/Erasmus+ will have their application managed by the Study Abroad Team as well as being welcomed by the International Student Office, who can be contacted on or +44 (0)113 343 7900.

The International Student Office recommends that international students collect their welcome pack (and read the international Your Arrival guide in it) before they start registration (see above).

Distance Learning students

Many distance learning courses are not required to complete part B (the identity check) of registration, rather only part A (online registration steps). Each school should be aware if this is the case for their distance learning courses - please contact if you think your course might be on this list but you are not sure. 

Please direct any further queries to the relevant contact at the top of the page.

 *There is a small list of courses which are exceptions to the registration requirement of ID card collection/identity checks, principally distance learning courses who seldom attend campus. Please contact if you require this list.