Dr Alina Secara

The Erasmus+ staff teaching mobility scheme has enabled Dr Alina Secara to teach classes in Romania, Spain and Luxembourg over the past few years. Profile Image

I really recommend the Erasmus + staff exchange mobilities to both junior and senior members of staff. The support offered by the Study Abroad Office team is amazing and, even if now a competitive process, the team offers all the advice needed both post and pre visit. So far I benefited from three such visits and they greatly helped me to develop professionally, share knowledge with other institutions and learn from professionals in Europe. I taught classes in Romania, Spain and Luxembourg and experimented with new teaching methods by exposing myself to different environments. I also learnt from other professionals and the mobilities enabled me to start further collaborations with them. From team student projects which enable our Leeds students to work with students from Romania on translation tasks and share language knowledge, to invited guest speakers who present to our students the research and market realities of Spain. My latest visit to an EU translation agency in Luxembourg is likely to lead to an even more focussed collaboration and we are now in the process of defining specific teaching and research projects, as well as signing a Memorandum of Understanding to enable a more formal framework for our exchanges.