Becky Kidner

Becky took part in an Erasmus+ staff training mobility in April 2015 enabling her to visit LUBS partner institutions in Denmark and Sweden. Profile Image

I took part in an Erasmus+ staff mobility in April 2015 which enabled me to visit Stockholm, Lund & Copenhagen. One of the main purposes of my trip was to meet staff and students at our study abroad partners (Stockholm Business School, Lund University School of Economics & Management, and Copenhagen Business School). I also took part in 2 days of an international staff week that was partly organised by Lund University. During the staff week I had the opportunity to participate in workshops and network with staff from all over Europe. The whole experience was incredibly valuable for me as it was my first international trip with the University and in terms of professional development this was a fantastic opportunity. I developed working relationships and connections with our partners which has proved to be very useful once I returned to Leeds. Having visited these partner universities, I gained a lot of useful information and insight which has now led me to being able to advise students better during my information sessions and 1:1 meetings. For me, my Erasmus+ staff mobility was something I gained and learned a great deal from and I would certainly recommend it to anyone. I found the application and paperwork easy to navigate as the central study abroad office were incredibly helpful in guiding me through the process.