Quality Check

A Quality Check for each new programme is undertaken at least 6 months before it commences, to ensure that all elements of the programme are complete and deliverable.

The Quality Check for a new programme is normally completed by the appropriate Programme Approval Group (PAG) when it considers any new constituent modules on the programme. The Check involves consideration of the original programme proposal and all the modules contributing to the programme.  It provides the opportunity to discuss the management of the programme and operational considerations, particularly arrangements for more ‘complex’ programmes involving collaborative provision, study abroad or placement arrangements.

Quality Checklist

At the Quality Check the following ‘Quality Checklist’ will be considered to agree the points set out below (as appropriate):

a) Review of Programme documentation, including module specifications, to confirm:

  1. The full programme content
  2. Any issues raised via PAG deliberations have been addressed 
  3. Any issues raised by the external review have been addressed
  4. The appropriateness of learning outcomes at all exit award levels
  5. The appropriateness of assessment strategies (clearly aligned to programme learning outcomes)
  6. The appropriateness of the approach taken to the Leeds Curriculum (Broadening, Research Based Learning, Core Programme Threads)
  7. Confirmation of adherence to any relevant QAA Subject Benchmark Statements
  8. Confirmation of adherence to the Framework for Higher Education Qualifications (FHEQ)
  9. Confirmation of status in relation to professional, statutory and regulatory bodies (PSRB) accreditation 
  10. Review of progress in relation to development of learning materials/ objects. Are reading lists required and has this information been included on the reading list tool in Minerva?

b) To confirm programme management arrangements:

  1. Confirmation of Programme Manager
  2. Confirmation of school programme management structure and arrangements for review
  3. Confirmation of Final Year Project supervision arrangements
  4. Confirmation of personal tutoring arrangements
  5. Confirmation of assessment board arrangements
  6. Confirmation of external examiner arrangements
  7. Confirmation of operational arrangements (SES support)
  8. Cross-institutional programmes including joint honours
  9. Confirmation of JACS/HECoS codes assigned to programme in liaison with Marketing Manager.

c) For programmes including a semester or year abroad:

  1. Confirmation of language training, how language competence will be assessed and details of action to be taken when competence is insufficient
  2. Confirmation of the courses to be taken abroad and indications, using European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) credits, of how the work is commensurate with the credit rating assigned to the period abroad
  3. Confirmation on assessment and use in classification of work abroad and, where appropriate, equivalence of marking scales
  4. Confirmation of management arrangements for the exchange
  5. Confirmation of support arrangements provided for students at the exchange institution

 d) For programmes including a placement:

  1. Confirmation of arrangements for the identification and allocation of placement activity
  2. Confirmation of management arrangements for the placement activity
  3. Confirmation of arrangements for the assessment of placement activity
  4. Confirmation of support arrangements provided for students on placements (referencing specified expectations)

Download the Quality Checklist