Exceptional cases for postgraduate research admission

If an applicant does not meet the usual entry requirements, or the school would like special arrangements to be made for the applicant, the school must make a case for the applicant to be accepted.

Cases are considered by the Chair of Programmes of Study and Audit Group.

This is normally a request for an applicant to be admitted without meeting the standard entry requirements, or for an applicant intending to spend more than 12 months of full-time study based away from the University. 

An essential component of any case is the demonstration of the applicant's suitability to undertake their course of study at the required level. We will require evidence to support this, including any assessment made, e.g. interview notes, professional and relevant experience, assessment of their research proposal or any other written work. The school must also demonstrate how the applicant will be supported during their study. All assessments must take place at the University of Leeds. 

Contact PGR & Operations, who will be able to provide guidance if required. 

English language cases 

When an applicant does meet the minimum University English language requirements, a case must be made using the English language case template.

Cases must not be made to avoid taking an English language test, e.g. if the applicant does not have sufficient time to take the test before their proposed start date. 

A case should only be made when there is a reason to believe that the applicant has a level of English that is appropriate for their course of study at the required level. A example is where an applicant has an out-of-date English language qualification but has maintained their use of English.