Graduate School Forum

Graduate School Managers and colleagues from Postgraduate Research and Operations come together to share good practice.

The Graduate School Forum allows Postgraduate Research and Operations staff and Faculty Graduate School Managers to exchange information and discuss postgraduate research issues. The group fosters cross-communication between school, faculty and central teams and provides an opportunity for colleagues to meet and exchange good practice.

Terms of Reference

1. To provide a forum for the exchange of information between PGR & Operations and Graduate School Managers and for a discussion of PGR issues; 

2. To foster cross-communication between local and central offices; 

3. To provide Faculty Graduate School Managers with the opportunity to meet and exchange experiences. 


Faculty Graduate School Representatives 

Arts, Humanities and Cultures: Kim Broughton-Roe

Biological Sciences: Lucy Parker

Business: Su Bain  

ESSL: Vicky Burrett 

Engineering: Simon Welsh  

Environment: Michelle Lesnianski  

MAPS: Faith Bonner  

Medicine and Health: Anne-Marie Smith

Representatives of Postgraduate Research and Operations (PGR & Ops): Christina Robinson, Sarah Throp, Leanne Carr, Jo Nassor, Caroline Neave 

Representatives of Student Systems Administration (SSA): TBC 

Representative of Organisational Development and Professional Learning (ODPL): Dr Tony Bromley 

Representative of Leeds University Union (LUU): Simon Sandison, Carla Douglas

Representative of Disabled Student Assessment & Support (DSAS): Simon Morris and Claire Flegg