Conditions of acceptance for postgraduate researcher applicants

Applicants who have been offered a place subject to the award of a previous qualification must provide evidence of this prior to registration.

The University requires clear evidence of the award of the qualification, in English. It is the new PGR's responsibility to ensure that the evidence meets our requirements, which are as follows: 

  • We expect that the evidence be from central registry, central administration or equivalent at the previous university. If the previous university does not award degrees centrally then the new PGR can provide a document from central registry, central administration or equivalent that confirms this, in addition to the qualification evidence from their faculty.
  • The evidence must clearly state the person's name and this must match the details that we hold on record.
  • The evidence must clearly state the name of the qualification. If the offer is subject to a specific mark, this must also be clearly stated in the same format as is specified on the offer letter.
  • If the evidence is not in the form of an official degree certificate or final transcript then we require that the new PGR provides an official letter on university-headed paper, from central registry, central administration or equivalent, confirming all relevant details.
  • If the previous university cannot provide evidence of the award in English then it is acceptable for the new PGR to provide a translation from an official translation service, but we do require sight of the original certificate or final transcript too. 
If the new PGR has completed a course but not yet received formal notification of the award, evidence that all the required work has been completed must be provided to Postgraduate Research and Operations prior to registration.

This evidence should take the form of a letter and must:

  • be in English
  • be issued on university-headed paper
  • be issued by the school or central administration (including those who have completed a taught master's/previous programme at the University of Leeds)
  • confirm that all components for the course have been completed
  • include any provisional results available (not all universities issue provisional results, including the University of Leeds)
  • state: 'I confirm that this student is highly likely to successfully complete their programme'
  • be signed or stamped
  • confirm the date the qualification is due to be awarded

On production of this evidence new PGRs can complete registration subject to providing formal notification within a specified time period (usually three months). The offer of a place to study letter will also state this. Failure to provide this could result in withdrawal.

Please note that it is the new PGR's responsibility to acquire this evidence. Staff in Postgraduate Research and Operations are unable to offer assistance with this during the registration process.