Examiners and independent chairs - criteria for appointment (postgraduate researchers)

The preferred level of experience for a research degree examiner is either experience of supporting a doctoral candidate through to successful completion or previous examination experience. 

Full eligibility criteria for the appointment of examiners can be found in the Criteria for the appointment of examiners and independent chairs

Separate Criteria for the appointment of examiners (PDF) apply to York St John University. 

The internal examiner should normally:

(i) Be a member of the academic or academic related staff

(ii) Hold a permanent appointment of the University of at least 0.3 FTE

(iii) Have completed any relevant probationary period

(iv) In the last 5 years, have either completed the SDDU course/briefing1 or acted as internal examiner at Leeds

(v) Not have been involved in the supervision of the candidate

The external examiner should normally:

(i) Be a senior member of staff of a university or higher education establishment

(ii) Have prior knowledge and experience of UK research degree examinations and standards through previous UK examination experience

The examiners must normally hold an independent position. Between them, the proposed team should have a balanced level of seniority and previous research degree examination experience in the UK. This does not mean that a recently appointed lecturer, someone early in their career or individuals from overseas or industry cannot be appointed as examiner, but you should partner them with a more senior and experienced examiner who has experience of the UK research degree examination process.

If a team of examiners cannot be found with the expected balance of seniority and experience then the University may require an independent chair (or a second internal examiner) to be appointed to ensure that the examination is conducted fairly and in accordance with University regulations.

Postgraduate Researchers (PGRs) may be asked by supervisors for their views on individuals who might act as Examiners but the decision about the recommendations for appointment will be made in consultation between the supervisors and the Postgraduate Research Tutor.

The final decision about the appointment of Examiners is made by the Examinations Group. On receipt of the completed examination entry form PGR and Operations submits the names of the recommended examiners to the Examinations Group for consideration. The Examinations Group is responsible for the final decision on the appointment of examiners.