Research degree supervisors guide

The guide for research degree supervisors provides information to enable supervisors to provide the appropriate level of support to their postgraduate researchers

The Guide for research degree supervisors sets out the roles and responsibilities of supervisors, as well as the correct procedures for dealing with all aspects of the research degree process.

This includes selection of subject, induction, ethical and other issues, transfer, monitoring progress, submission, examination and completion. Useful information about Postgraduate Research and Operations is also included and reference is made to relevant regulations, codes, policies and procedures.

Particular attention should be paid to the University Code of Practice for Research Degree Candidatures which underpins all the University’s arrangements and also to the relevant Faculty Protocol for the implementation of the Code of Practice.

In addition supervisors should be aware of the Home Office arrangements for student visas.

The periods of study, progress, assessment and examination arrangements are different for each of the individual research degrees. In some Schools, supervisors may be simultaneously involved in the supervision of PGRs registered for different research degree programmes. In such cases, supervisors must ensur that they make themselves aware of the individual regulations and requirements for each research programme.