Best Practice Guidance 2015

A set of good practice guides have been developed for staff who support students during transitions through different stages of University life.

Developed in 2015 by the Leeds for Life Working Group on Induction and Transition, these good practice guides provide student perspectives on transition challenges at different stages of their student journey. Case studies showcase a variety of good practice from across the University in support provided at all transitional stages.

The guides do not recommend one ‘best practice’ approach to dealing with each of these transitional stages and are not intended to be definitive or prescriptive. The guides collate a range of ideas that could be incorporated into existing practices within a School or department to help students with transition issues ranging from the predictable challenges of the academic cycle that affect everyone at more or less the same time; through to the personal intellectual challenges of learning to learn; the personal, emotional and developmental challenges associated with psychological and social transitions; and the challenge of sense of belonging related to becoming part of and detaching from communities.