Transition into Taught Postgraduate study

The transition to taught postgraduate study involves building an understanding of what it means to be a student at this level specifically.

Students need to appreciate the intensity of the course both in terms of difficulty and pace, rather than viewing it as an extension of an undergraduate degree.

Postgraduate courses usually require a higher level of intellect and comprehension and a significant amount of independent study and research, alongside active participation within the academic community.

The short term nature of most taught postgraduate programmes also means that students must make a swift transition to this level of study, in particular in terms of skills development, as well as having an eye on where they are going at the end.

Unlike many other programmes of study, therefore, the intensity of taught postgraduate study puts extra emphasis on the need for an effective transition and induction process.

The transition into taught postgraduate study good practice guide provides student perspectives and highlights good practice to aid schools in evaluation and refresh of their current transitional support programme.