Qualification holds and registration for taught postgraduate study

The University may need to see an applicant's original degree documents in order to remove their qualification hold and enable them to register.

What is a qualification hold?

Offers are usually made on the basis of electronic documents, such as a scanned degree certificate and transcript. However, before applicants can register as a student the University must see hard copies of these documents, plus official translations into English, if applicable.

A qualification hold is put on the application to stop the applicant from being able to start the online student registration process until their documents have been seen.

Do all applicants have a qualification hold?

University of Leeds graduates (or applicants in their final year) do not need a qualification hold or to provide their documents as their results are stored in Banner and verified internally. More information on this process can be found in the Leeds Awards guide.

NCUK applicants also do not require a hold as their documents are checked by NCUK.

All other applicants will need to provide their original documents in order to start registration. This includes distance-learning students.

Applicants with a qualification hold will have been informed in the guide that accompanies their offer letter that they will need to bring their documents with them. Additionally, the pre-arrival information sent in from August directs them to the online registration information pages for more information.

Where do applicants need to take their documents?

Applicants arriving in Leeds during the main registration period in September will need to present their documents to Taught Admissions - the team's location will be confirmed on the Registration pages. If they arrive in Leeds outside this period, they will need to present them to the teaching school. Business School applicants should always take their documents to the School, regardless of when they arrive.

Some applicants may choose to post their documents to the relevant school in advance, but this is not recommended (except for distance-learning students). We expect and advise that applicants bring their documents when they come to Leeds to start their course.

What evidence is needed to remove a qualification hold?

The applicant must present the original hard copies or certified copies of the academic documents that were submitted to obtain their unconditional offer - in most cases this will be the applicant's bachelor degree certificate and transcript. We do not accept photocopies. The documents must confirm the final grade or classification and that the qualification has been awarded.

Certified copies should be dated, signed and stamped by the registrar’s office (or equivalent) at the awarding institution. We do not accept certified copies from agents or public notary offices.

For documents not in English, the applicant will also need to provide official hard copy translations of the academic documents. If translated by a third party (and not the awarding institution), they should be signed and dated by an official translator and include their credentials, company details and confirmation that the translation is accurate.

For graduates of Chinese universities, the University requires the graduation certificate and transcript (plus translations) but not the bachelor certificate.

Some universities only issue electronic documents, so applicants may not be able to provide hard copies. In this instance, the applicant will need to arrange for us to receive a secure login from the awarding institution in order to verify their documents online and remove the qualification hold.

How is a qualification hold removed?

Once the documents have been verified, the hold can be removed in CRM by the relevant school or by the Taught Admissions team at the main registration event. For applicants with multiple offers, the qualification hold will need to be removed from each application.

Please see the Managing the qualification hold guide for instructions on how to remove a qualification hold in CRM. 

What do students need to do next?

Students should now be able to access the online registration process (provided that it has opened, which usually happens in early August). They should follow the guidance in the online registration information pages of the For Students website.

There is also information for staff in the Registration section of the SES website.

How can I advise an applicant who is still unable to register? 

There are a few common reasons why applicants may not be able to register:

  • The offer is still conditional - the applicant should take their original documents to the relevant school so that the offer can be updated.
  • The applicant has not accepted their unconditional offer - they should accept the offer in the portal. The student record will then be generated automatically overnight, so the applicant should be advised that it can take up to 24 hours after accepting before they are able to register.
  • The applicant has multiple applications and there is another qualification hold to remove.
  • There is an ATAS hold that still needs removing - ATAS holds are removed by the Student Services team in the Ziff building.
  • The interface between Banner and CRM is currently not working - contact Taught Admissions and ask them to remove the hold in Banner.

If it is still unclear why the student cannot register, please contact Taught Admissions: