Timetabling Policies and Guidance Documents

This section contains published University Timetabling policies and timelines. It also contains useful guidance documents for other systems that are linked to the timetabling system.


Rearranging scheduled teaching

Teaching should only be rearranged where unavoidable. Taught Student Education Board has outlined how changes should be made and communicated to students.

If teaching does have to be cancelled and rearranged, the Policy on rearranging scheduled teaching (PDF) outlines the correct way to do this and how any new arrangements should be communicated to students.


How to make Ad-Hoc recordings on campus

You can use the Record Now application installed on all podium PCs to make a manual recording. Instructions on how to do this can be found here.


Help on using lecture capture

The IT knowledge base has a number of guides relating to the lecture capture system. You can find the guides here.


Timetabling Timeline for 2020/21

Please contact your School Timetabler for further details.The timeline for 2020/21 has been adjusted in response to COVID-19.


General Timetabling Timeline and Processes

Your School Timetabler is provided with a comprehensive timeline and deadline dates to build the timetable. A high level overview of the timetable timeline and process can be found here (DOCX).