Video streaming for a final research degree oral examination (research students)

In exceptional and unforeseen circumstances the Examinations Group may give consideration to the use of video streaming technology for the oral examination in emergency circumstances in accordance with the requirements set out in the policy.

This should only be considered in exceptional and unforeseen circumstances and should not be viewed as a routine alternative to a face to face oral examination.

Permission must be sought from the Examinations Group as soon as events arise to allow time for alternative arrangements to be considered in the event that the request is not approved. Schools should use the application form provided with the policy. Where unforeseen circumstances arise on the day of the oral examination, for example an examiner is unable to travel due to adverse weather conditions, illness etc. please contact the Thesis Examination Section of PGR & Operations (34003) if you wish to discuss the potential for the oral examination to proceed by means of video streaming.

If an examiner is unable to travel to attend/travel for any reason, immediate consideration should be given to rescheduling the oral examination. Cases for the use of video streaming should only be made if exceptional reasons against postponing can be demonstrated.

Policy on the use of video streaming for a research degree final oral examination (Word)