Integrated Programme Administration System (IPAS)

Work is well underway to gather requirements for a new Integrated Programme Administration System (IPAS) at Leeds. 

We are working with Akari Software to identify the requirements for an integrated curriculum and catalogue management system which will meet the needs both of our current programmes and of our ambition for new and innovative programmes.

In the ‘scoping’ phase of this exercise, twenty-five meetings have been held with a range of stakeholders on specific areas (eg Leeds Curriculum, Quality Assurance, non-standard programmes, IT architecture, catalogue data model, MI and reporting ) to establish requirements.  From this, key themes have been identified that will be the subjects of staff workshops, facilitated by the Akari analysts.  The workshops commenced on 11th June with sessions on ‘Curriculum structure’ and ‘Validation', with the participation of staff across the schools and faculties and from central services.

Upcoming workshops this week include External Accreditation and Proposal & approval process (including data).  Please use the contact at the end of this communication if you or a colleague would like to attend one or more of these sessions.  They will give the opportunity to provide critical feedback and input.   We are looking for the widest representation of  academic and service colleagues.

In terms of next steps, the final set of requirements is due to be completed at the start of July.
A preferred option for a full-scale IPAS Implementation Project will also be identified and agreed by the end of next month.

For further information about the IPAS project, please contact the Project Manager, Sally Edwards in the first instance.

Some background information is available in the documents below.

IPAS documents to download
Information on scope, timing and outcomes of the requirements gathering:
Briefing document for IPAS requirements gathering
Terms of reference and membership of the main Project Team:
IPAS Project Team Terms of Reference

Update 1, 29th May 2015

Work has started on the requirements gathering phase of the project to implement a new Integrated Programme Administration System (IPAS).  

IPAS will provide the single point of truth for all programme and module information; define the data model; and define and support a ‘go?to’ process, workflow and reporting structure for programme administration. 

Requirements gathering will be critical to understanding what a full-scale IPAS project would need to deliver to support our existing provision and, most importantly, to support the University’s ambition for the development of new and innovative programmes at UG and PG (T&R) level. 

The University has appointed the specialist online curriculum management software company Akari Software to undertake the requirements gathering exercise as a stand-alone piece of work.   They will be on site for the next few weeks, based in the Student Operations area in the Ziff Building.

A Project Team to oversee and steer the IPAS Project has been established, including representatives drawn from the academic leadership, SES managers, QA functional specialists, Marketing and IT Services.  A project website is in development.

Following an initial series of meetings with representatives of the different stakeholder groups this week, consultation will widen further into faculties and schools.  The requirements gathering process is expected to continue until the end of June; it will inform a business case to allow a decision be made on a preferred option for implementation of an IPAS solution.

Given the pace of current activity, updates will be provided on at least a fortnightly basis.  Further communication will also be circulated on opportunities to be involved in the requirements consultation.

For further information about the IPAS project, please contact the Project Manager, Sally Edwards in the first instance.

Catherine Lorigan
Director of Student Operations