Students can access a comprehensive range of volunteering opportunities via the Volunteering Hub, including programmes such as Students into Schools and Volunteer in Sport.

Why volunteer?

There are many opportunities for students to get involved with volunteering during their time in Leeds. These opportunities can enhance academic learning and skills in the workplace, making students more desirable to employers.

Volunteering hub

The Volunteering Hub is a database which can be used to access hundreds of quality-assured volunteering opportunities with a broad range of charities across Leeds. Searches can be filtered by area of interest, organisation or Leeds for Life skill.

Students into schools

This programme offers both accredited and voluntary placements in local primary and secondary schools. Seventeen accredited modules are offered across most disciplines: students combine the placement with an academic component in modules ranging from 10 to 30 credits.

Over 4,000 students have participated in the programme which is mutually beneficial to the University and school students. Placements usually run for a minimum of 10 weeks from April to October.

Students can also volunteer to run out-of-school activities, teach English as an additional language, or as a mentor or tutor.

Volunteer in sport

There are opportunities for students to help out with sporting events and activities, both inside and outside of the University, through the Volunteer in Sport programme.